Grove Country Club Estates Home Tour

House FrontMy dear friend Kate moved to the Grove Country Club Estates sims in Second Life this past winter.  Before knowing she had moved to GCCE, she described this amazing sim network where she finally felt “at home” in Second Life.  She discussed how she was personalizing her home and it was her little piece of paradise.  I was so happy to hear Kate share this.

Living RoomFast forward to mid-May.  I was finally getting the grand tour of Kate’s home.  I was in awe of what I was seeing.  The amount of detail and personal touches she had put into her place left me speechless.  I was even more shocked when she asked me to photograph her home.  She had been asked to include her home in the Grove Estates Home Tour and she asked if I could take the pictures for her.  I was honored to be asked and set forth to do this for her.

As Kate gave me the initial tour of her home, I saw the time and energy she put into her masterpiece.  As I began photographing her home…I noticed even greater detail and all of those unique touches that make a house a home.  Every accessory placed to make her home feel lived in.  Every texture selected to make her home feel more authentic.  Everything done to make her home feel both well cared for by her while also feeling peacefully lived in.  Whether its the unmade bed and breakfast tray that leave you feeling as though she got out of bed early just to spend time with you or the steaming cups of coffee in her sun room, Kate has made her home inviting and comfortable while also beautiful and awe inspiring at the same time.

BedroomIncluded here are the four pictures she submitted for the home tour contest, along with a few other pictures I felt should be included.  If you have time, please visit her home and the other homes on the tour.  I personally hope you will vote for Kate’s as I believe it is the most amazing and personal home on the tour…but I also know I am biased.  Yet, in a digital world where many of us attempt to create these large, meticulous and almost museum like homes, Kate’s home is perfect in its imperfections, lived in feel and the personal touches that make it uniquely Kate’s.

SunroomUnfortunately, I do not have designers to credit in this post.  The list would be far too extensive and since this is Kate’s home, I don’t have access to all of the information.  I do want to make sure I give credit to Grove Country Club Estates and their management team for the amazing theme they have created and support in their sims.

I also want to express my sincere thanks to my dear friend Kate for allowing me to photograph your home.   I could have spent weeks photography your home and still not included all of the amazing details you added.  I hope I did your home justice in reflecting all of your hard work and unique sense of style, my friend. *hugs* ❤

Higher resolution photos found on Flickr at


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